Marketing Information for Participating Sponsor
  • Our Media Sponsors/Partners are selected based on their reach. Only the news sources with the highest number of circulation/viewer-ship/listeners within the community they serve have been approached. This gives your company the benefit of great media coverage courtesy of the most popular news source each community has to offer.
  • In addition to the mainstream community, Adventa Expo 2005’s target communities include, Chinese, Philippino, Italian, Indian, Tamil, Greek, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, African, and Caribbean.
  • Our marketing efforts, spanning nearly 6 weeks, have the potential of reaching nearly one million people across the GTA.
  • In addition, you will have the opportunity to market your company to a captive attendees numbering more than 5000.
Become an Adventa Job & Career Expo 2005’s Participating Sponsor and receive the following marketing exposure from our excellent marketing team:

  • Adventa Job & Career Expo will be heavily advertised in the community through our mainstream and ethnic media sponsors.
  • More than 10 ethnic papers will market the Expo information.
  • Pre-event articles written in both mainstream and ethnic papers will include sponsor’s name
  • Pre-event advertisement in mainstream and ethnic papers before the Job & Career Expo will feature your logo as “Participating Sponsor”
  • Post-event articles in both mainstream and ethnic news papers will mention sponsor’s name
  • Adventa Job & Career Expo 2005 will be marketed through mainstream and ethnic television programs
  • Talk shows with call-in-segments – Sponsor names will be mentioned.
  • Commercials run on mainstream and ethnic television programs will bear the Sponsor logo
  • All mainstream and ethnic television media will be invited for event coverage.
  • Adventa Job & Career Expo will be advertised on mainstream and ethnic radio stations
  • All such advertisements will mention the name of each Participating Sponsor
  • Talk shows conducted on both mainstream and ethnic stations about Adventa Job and Career Expo 2005 will mention sponsors name
  • The expo will be marketed on the internet through the exclusive
  • Logos of all the sponsors, including the media sponsor, will be prominently displayed on the site and a link will be provided to your official website.
  • Adventa will also benefit from website partnerships which will increase the visitors to your company site. Added Bonus – Distribution Card Sponsor (only 1 available) $2500.00
  • Increase your Company profile within GTA’s diverse communities – every employer’s vision of a diverse employee team
  • 30,000 four-color Distribution cards (5 inch X 6 inch) with General Event Information and logos of all our sponsors
  • Market your business by placing an ad on the back side of the distribution card
  • Cards will be distributed at community events, business locations, community centers, and other facilities in and around GTA
Call us at 416-265-5133 to discuss partnership opportunities.  Do NOT miss this great opportunity!

Adventa Job and Career Expo team is looking forward to hearing back from you.
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